North Korean Defector’s HORRIFYING Message Trump

With Kim Jong Un making so much noise and threatening to start a war with the US, two big questions remain: Does he have the capability? And… will he do it?

While she may not be an expert in military matters, one North Korean defector offers a very definitive answer to the second question. What she has to say is chilling, to say the least!


The UK’s Daily Mail reported on April 19 that 37 year-old North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee has said that if cornered by an opponent, the boy named Kim would use nuclear weapons that she strongly believes he has.

Kim told the Mail, “At the very last minute, when he finds out that he’s going to lose all his power he’s definitely going to use it. There’s a slogan in North Korea which goes: ‘America dies, we die, we all die together’.”


Lee continues by saying, “He would launch missiles at South Korea, Japan and America. He’s a dictator who’d have nowhere to go and there would be no way to stop him.”

The sheltered minds of the North Koreans have led many to dismiss the strength of the United States as well as exaggerating that of North Korea.

Lee states, “Most people in the country didn’t – and might still not – know about how powerful the United States is. They think North Korean weapons are the best in the world and they’re very proud of them. They believe they can protect the country from anyone.”

While the situation may seem dire for President Trump when set against the warnings of Lee, the President has a habit of performing the impossible despite protestations of failure from his opponents.