Netanyahu Drops Major Truth Bomb After Meeting with Mattis

One of the most pilloried and neglected international allies of the United States during the reign of Obama was Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

A forceful and compelling opponent of Iran and ISIS, Netanyahu was a persona non grata for Obama and relations between the United States and Israel deteriorated.

When the people ushered Donald Trump into office, however, Netanyahu was given hope that the damage between the two countries could be repaired.

In a statement by the Israeli Prime Minister on April 21, following a meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, Netanyahu pointed to the mutual friendship the two nations shared based on common values.

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The Right Scoop reported that Netanyahu quickly pointed out that he sensed a “great change in the direction of American policy” and praised the “clear and forthright words” Mattis used in describing the Iranian threat both nations faced, particularly Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister also noted the equally honest words of President Trump as well as his strong actions against the region’s enemies.

It was a welcomed tone by Netanyahu, who endured eight years of hostility and double dealing by Obama, that left him disillusioned and weary in his fight against the anti-democratic forces in the Middle East.

Obama’s despicable treatment of America’s most trusted ally is being undone by the President and his excellent Secretary of Defense.