Neil Gorsuch Shocks Everyone – Does THIS On First Day As Supreme Court Justice…

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointee Neil Gorsuch had his first public session as the 113th member of the Supreme Court on Monday, and he wasted little time getting to work.

Fox News reported that Gorsuch broke the mold by asking many questions during his first day, which is unusual for a “rookie” on the Supreme Court. He spent the morning hearing three oral arguments, each lasting about an hour. Chief Justice John Roberts publicly acknowledged Gorsuch at the beginning of the session, wishing him a “long and happy career in our common calling.”


Roberts had also welcomed Gorsuch during an event last week.

“We hope we’re serving with Justice Gorsuch for the next 25 years,” Roberts said last week before a university audience in New York. “It’s kind of like a marriage. If you’re going to be with someone that long, you can’t have knock-down, drag-out fights over a case.”

Gorsuch then thanked his fellow justices for a “warm welcome.”

During the first three arguments he heard, Gorsuch repeatedly pressed lawyers from both sides with his positions. The new justice even apologized for the amount of questions, saying, “Sorry for taking up so much time.”

Clearly, Gorsuch is an inquisitive man who really knows his stuff. No wonder Trump chose him!