Nancy Pelosi Gets Devastating News after Bashing Trump

In 2010 Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stood in the well of the House of Representatives exhorting her fellow lawmakers to pass Obama’s Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.

“We owe it to our founders and we owe it to these young people. We owe it to the future to cast your vote for a bill that makes America more American,” PR Newswire quotes Pelosi as moronically uttering.

The victory of Donald Trump over lightweight Hillary Clinton has traumatized Pelosi, who has resorted to a thesaurus in order to vocalize every known hysteric concerning the fate of the DREAM act.

WNP Journal, in one article, mentions the following Pelosi slanders of Trump:

“President Trump has unleashed an indiscriminate deportation dragnet of appalling inhumanity.”

“The Trump Administration is terrorizing patriotic young people.”

“The Trump Administration’s cruelty toward the DREAMers disgraces our values as a nation.”

Being a man of action and not a peddler of empty words, President Trump has responded to Pelosi and her perverted sense of patriotism in stunning fashion.

The Journal writes that on April 18 the “Trump administration had deported its first DREAMer, Juan Manuel Montes.”

The DREAMer is a convicted thief who was caught illegally re-entering the country after he was denied entry because of invalid immigration papers.

Pelosi better quickly learn that actions will always trump words. If she fails to do so, she may find all her DREAMs shattered.

"Wold said what? Hahahaha!"

“Wold said what? Hahahaha!”