Muslims TAKE OVER US City – This Is CHILLING

The mainstream media is constantly trying to make it look like Muslims pose no threat to the American people. What just happened in New York City, however, shows this is not the case at all.

CNN won’t be reporting on this…

They sang, they bowed, and all of it in unison… America is under attack.

How many radical Muslims does it take to build a bomb? Probably just one, but that’s not the point. Recently in New York City, HUNDREDS of Muslims were united in the heart of Brooklyn, claiming that their religion will “Never be defeated.”


It takes a brazenly unaccountable, boldfaced thug to stand with pride on American streets and defend a religion that’s murdered innocent Americans and Christians. Not one, but hundreds, of Muslims came together to celebrate their unity in the name of Allah.

The United States is currently at war in the Middle East. In light of this, you don’t see hundreds of Americans flocking together in the middle of Damascus “peacefully” protesting a religion that’s continued to harm us both abroad and domestically. We don’t do this because we would be ruthlessly murdered.

Barack Obama cultivated a society that quivers in the name of Islam. He allowed, and even instigated, Muslims to assert their dominance over the United States. Terms like Islamophobia, cultural appropriation, and white privilege are being repeated by liberals everywhere. In the process, they’re making excuses for the behavior of uncivilized cultures.

Liberals will defend this video by stating they’re practicing a peaceful protest, or civil disobedience. They’ll say things like, “Oh, they’re not hurting anybody” or, “this is America, where freedom of religion is encouraged.” If your religion continues to hurt Americans, murder Christians, and chemically poison your own people, that religion has no business being practiced in the United States.

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