Muslim Welfare Queen Is ARRESTED After Police See What’s On Her Facebook…

A Muslim welfare queen who received over $72,000 in taxpayer benefits was sentenced to three years in prison after police saw what she had been posting to Facebook.

Mad World News reported that before her arrest, Carina Reid, 32, was something of an online celebrity who was known for posting photos of her lavish lifestyle from the modeling world. However, she was secretly on welfare and was using $72,000 worth of benefits to fund her extravagant lifestyle that included trips around the globe.

Reid had gone online to say that she’d suddenly lost all her money, and was only able to get food given to her by a local mosque in Chelsea. It was then that she began collecting her benefits. However, when police looked into her finances, they were stunned to find 19 bank accounts with a total of $260,000 in them.

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