Mitt Romney’s Daughter Just Gave the Dems an Epic Beatdown

At the ancient Battle of Salamis, Persian King Xerxes watched in horror as him male led navy fled in terror from the Greeks, except for one ship captained by a woman.

Furious, he exclaimed, “My men have become women and my women men.” The same can be said of the Republican party.

It has taken a woman, Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, to deliver a tremendous verbal assault on the Democrats.

Speaking exclusively with Breitbart, McDaniel called the Dems “unreasonable and unhinged” due to their ‘resist’ campaign they have started when Trump won the election.

“What are you resisting?”, ridiculed McDaniel, “Are you resisting fixing healthcare that’s falling apart and helping millions of Americans whose premiums are going up? Are you resisting better jobs? Are you resisting better trade deals for people in my state of Michigan? Are you resisting coal jobs? What are they resisting? The Democratic leadership has decided ‘we are not going to help or come to the table on anything.’”

Dismissing the media as the opposition party, McDaniel spoke positively about the next round of elections in 2018. The RNC head told Breitbart that the GOP was not going to concede anything. Sixteen seats are in play in the Senate, McDaniel said, while “a handful of vacancies” will be available which McDaniel says can be picked up by her party.

The daughter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney also took particular issue with the DNC’s embrace of far left activists and rhetoric.

Responding to DNC chairman Tom Perez’s public comment that Republicans don’t give a s*$t about people, McDaniel aptly retorted, “It shows how left the Democratic Party is going and how unreasonable and unhinged they’ve really become.”


Why isn’t anyone else saying this?