Michelle Obama Comes Out Of Hiding – What She’s Doing Is CHILLING

Millions of Americans have been thankful that Michelle Obama has kept her big mouth shut since she left the White House, as she’s chosen to stay largely out of the public eye. Unfortunately, it now looks like she was merely taking a hiatus while she plotted her return to the frontline, and she’s about to make her big comeback at the end of this month.

The Hill reported that Michelle is planning to resurface on April 27 to participate in a “conversation” at an event by the American Institute of Architects in Orlando, Florida.

“Over the last eight years while in the White House, former First Lady Michelle Obama has worked tirelessly to champion a number of important initiatives designed to make our world a better place,” said the webpage announcing Michelle as a speaker.

The page described Michelle as a “role model, champion, and inspiration for women, families, and young people across America and around the world.” It also highlighted her various initiatives, such as “Let’s Move!” and “Let Girls Learn!”

We were hoping Michelle would simply go away after leaving the White House, but it seems that she has no intention of doing that. SHARE this story if you are SICK of Michelle Obama!