Melania Trump OUTCLASSES Michelle Obama In Revealing Main Goal Of Husband’s Presidency

During Michelle Obama’s time as First Lady, she made every possible public event all about herself. That’s why it came as a welcome surprise on Thursday when Melania Trump revealed the main goal both she and her husband have for their time in the White House.

Breitbart reported that while speaking in Warsaw, Poland, Melania said that the safety and security of the American people are her husband’s “main focus” as president.

“As many of you know, a main focus of my husband’s presidency is the safety and security of the American people,” Trump said. “I think all of us can agree people should be able to live their lives without fear, no matter what country they live in. That is my wish for all of us around the world.”

She went on to talk about her visit to the Copernicus Science Centre with Polish first lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda. Melania said that she “found it not only informative, but thoughtful in its mission, which is to inspire people to observe, experiment, ask questions, and seek answers.”

Melania then said that meeting with the Polish children at the center helped make it “a wonderful experience.”

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