Megyn Kelly Attacks Donald Trump After Debate – BIG Mistake

Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been enraging viewers in the past year by launching attacks on Donald Trump once again. She did this once again last night immediately after the vice presidential debate when she pushed Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway to defend the Republican nominee’s low poll numbers with women.

Talking Points Memo reported that Kelly told Conway that women don’t appreciate comments like those Trump made about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Conway fired back by pointing out that Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings are low among female voters.

“Why, in the new CNN poll, is Hillary at 53 percent among women? She’s running as the first female president. There’s something holding her back,” Conway said.

“She’s beating Donald Trump by some 20 points with women. I mean, why is Donald Trump at 32 percent?” Kelly responded, defending Clinton.

“Not really, not in all polls,” Conway protested. “But she’s got a gender gap of her own.”

“She does,” Kelly said in response. “But you’re sitting here suggesting, why are her numbers low with women and you work for Donald Trump. His numbers are historically low for a Republican nominee with women. Historically low.”

Conway noted that both John McCain and Mitt Romney polled low among women, but Kelly refused to accept this defense.

“Mitt Romney’s numbers are crushing Donald Trump’s numbers with women. Crushing them!” the host said.

When Conway tried to say that there is still a full month to go before the election, Kelly jumped in to explain exactly why she thinks women don’t like Trump.

“There’s 35 days to go, Kellyanne. The criticism of Donald Trump is that he could win this race and that he was doing well and he was rebounding and his numbers in various states were rebounding. And then he went after Miss Universe and talked about her being too fat and talked about women’s looks again,” she said. “And women don’t like that, according to these polls.”

Watch the full exchange in the video below, with Conway bringing up women at the 6:03 mark:

In the end, Kelly’s strong anti-Trump attitude has come back to bite her, as her ratings have plummeted since the election began. If she continues to attack Trump, it won’t be long before her beloved show is cancelled.

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