Manhunt Continues For Armed Liberal Who Threatened To ASSASSINATE Trump

Over the weekend, we reported that a manhunt was under way for Joseph Jakubowski, a man considered armed and dangerous who has been on the run since mailing a 161-page manifesto to President Donald Trump in which he threatened his life. Now, as the manhunt continues, disturbing details about Jakubowski’s life are coming to light showing just how dangerous he really is.

Daily Mail reported that Jakubowski has been on the run since stealing an arsenal of weapons and threatening an anti-government “revolution” in his chilling manifesto to Trump. This week, court documents revealed that Jakubowski, 32, has a history of domestic violence, mental instability and substance abuse.

The one-time roofer and construction worker was convicted of battery and domestic abuse in December 2008 following an attack that took place the previous January.

According to his former girlfriend, Jakubowski, who has been in and out of jail over the past 15 years, became ‘outraged’ on the morning of January 11 when she returned to the apartment they had until recently shared to collect some belongings and clothes.

She testified that Jakubowski had ‘shoved her down’ as she tried to gather clothes from a bedroom closet.

He ‘grabbed her hair and told her she could not take anything in the closet that belonged to him…she was pushed, kicked, slapped, struck with a closed fist, shoved, had her head banged, and..her hair pulled.’

She estimated that she had been injured fifteen times. Jakubowski was on a signature bond at the time for driving a vehicle on a revoked license.


Just three months later, on March 2 and while he was awaiting trial on the domestic abuse charges, Jakubowski was once again in the hands of law enforcement charged with resisting arrest and attempting to disarm an officer after he attempted to jump bail.

The arresting officer reported that Jakubowski had tried to outrun him in his truck when he attempted to apprehend him after noticing his license was suspended due to unpaid tickets. 

In a bizarre series of events the cop noted that Jakubowski was ‘holding both of his hands near his waist line in an unnatural position that led [him] to believe that the defendant may be reaching for something concealed under his coat.’

On further investigation it became clear that Jakubowski was holding not a gun but a cigar which he then refused to drop when requested to do so. His eyes were ‘darting around’ leading the officer to believe he was ‘attempting to look for an escape route.’ He also ‘fixed his gaze upon the officer’s duty belt.’

When Jakubowski tried to run, the officer brought him to the ground and in the tussle that followed Jakubowski ‘grabbed upon the officer’s gun and holster with both hands.’ 

A violent altercation ensued with Jakubowski being struck several times in the face to no effect. The officer tried to used his taser but missed and both fell to the ground with Jakubowski still attempting to take the gun.

When a backup officer arrived having responded to the officer’s radioing for help, she removed her gun, pointed it at Jakubowski and threatened to shoot. He looked at her and said, ‘Just f***ing do it.’ 

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