Major US Newspaper Gives Trump 100 Days This Stunning Review

A debt of gratitude needs to be extended to contributing New York Post writer Michael Walsh. On April 15 he published an article that cut through the fog of Leftist propaganda to expose the stunning successes of President Trump’s first 100 days.

Walsh writes that one of the more surprising successes that is haunting the President’s critics is the effectiveness of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. With no political experience, which may be a plus, Tillerson has dispelled the rumors of a Trump-Putin bromance by maintaining a firm stance against the wiles of the Russian President.

Trump’s pick of Nikki Haley for United Nations ambassador, something also arrogantly ridiculed by the Left, has been fruitful as well. Haley has blasted the inaction and hypocrisy of the U.N. and also has been more than a match for her Russian counterpart.


On the domestic side of the ledger, Walsh notes that Trump did lose the first round of the Obamacare repeal fight, but that had more to do with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “needlessly complex ‘better way’” which failed to impress conservative Republicans.

Unlike the mainstream media, Walsh highlights the President’s insistence on cutting the bureaucratic fat out of government. Trump is “downsizing the federal government, proposing real spending cuts and reorganizing the bloated bureaucracy, which has drawn bleats of protest from the DC swamp creatures watching their sinecures circling the drain,” reports Walsh.

By all accounts, it is an impressive list of accomplishments.