Major Ally Joins US against North Korea

You have to hand it to North Korean despot Kim Jong-un; he really knows how to bring the East Asian nations together.

The petulant man-boy’s insistence on testing his hilariously faulty missiles has finally reached the limits of Western and Eastern nations.

President Trump ordered a naval group to anchor off the coast of the Korean peninsula and word has leaked that a Navy SEAL team has been rehearsing how the takedown of Kim would go.

Even China has become fed up with its lunatic southern neighbor, or at least they say, and have placed 150,000 troops along the border with North Korea.

Now comes word via WNP Journal that a contingent of Japanese naval vessels will be joining their American allies sitting in the Sea of Japan and within range of Pyongyang.

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For eleven straight years, North Korea has continually defied expressions of restraint posited by the West, the UN and American allies in the region. President Trump is making it all too clear that those days are now over.

A thorn in the side of global peace since the 1950s may finally be close to being extracted and, if so, the President deserves all the praise.