Look What Happened Right After Trump & Melania Arrived in Poland

Poland prepared a HUGE welcome for President Trump as he arrived in Warsaw on Wednesday night. At the Chopin Airport in Warsaw, Poland, Air Force One was greeted by the Polish government.

Lawmakers in Poland see in Trump a mirror of their own brand of nationalism that has seen many Poles bristle against the European Union centered on Germany.

Within the European Union, most of the countries are welcoming refugees, yet Poland is one who continues to deter the immigration of refugees.

‘The Polish government has the same position as Americans — we want strict restrictions on refugees,” legislator Krzysztof Mróz announced previously.

President Andrzej Duda did send some of his aides to welcome the Trumps.  Although, the welcome they had seen most recently in Saudi Arabia and Europe was quite more spectacular, Poland still did welcome the President and First Lady in style.


Once the President and the First Lady arrived in Warsaw, a red carpet awaited them to their signature Cadillac limousine “The Beast” and dozens of Polish officials. One official delivered a special bouquet of flowers for First Lady Melania.

As we are very accustomed to with Melania’s wardrobe, she impressed again. Wearing a green coat she waved to the media who awaited their arrival.

The arrival of the Trumps gained so much attention from Polish citizens, they were even offered a free ride to see the Trump’s!

There were posters in the streets of Poland that welcomed President Trump to the country.

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