Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Trump Walked Into This Church

Barack Hussein Obama claimed to be a Christian, yet he basically refused to even talk about God throughout his eight year presidency. That’s what makes it so refreshing that Donald Trump is bringing God back to the White House in such a big way.

Trump reportedly attends church every Sunday, and he was spotted on Easter attending services at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida. There, he showed how humble he is by making an effort to shake the hands of everyone seated around him.

This church is very special to Trump, as it is where he married his wife Melania and also where their son Barron was christened. Melania often posts pictures of the church courtyard online, describing it as where she and the president “celebrate and pray.”

Last Sunday, Trump sat in the fifth row of the church with his family. Though security was high at the church, Trump made an effort to keep a low profile, and his fellow congregants were ecstatic to have him there.

God bless you, Donald Trump!