Liberal US City Passed Strict Gun Laws — Guess What Happened Next…

The city of Seattle passed a tax on all sales of guns and ammo as an effort to lower the rising costs of gun violence.

But in reality, since the tax took effect, those costs have only risen as gun violence in the city has surged. To top it off, the tax brought in much less than city leaders projected it would.

“How much data do you need?” asked Dave Workman, senior editor of and member of the Second Amendment Foundation. “The data says the law has failed to prevent what they promised it would prevent.”

Fox News Reports:

Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess introduced the tax in 2015. It puts a $25 tax on every firearm sold in the city and up to 5 cents per round of ammunition. The measure easily passed and took effect January 1, 2016. Comparing the first five months of 2017 with the same period before the gun tax went into effect, reports of shots fired are up 13 percent, the number of people injured in shootings climbed 37 percent and gun deaths doubled, according to crime statistics from the Seattle Police Department.


Mike Coombs, owner of Outdoor Emporium, the last large gun dealer left in Seattle, said storewide, sales are down 20 percent while gun sales have plummeted 60 percent.

“I’ve had to lay off employees because of this,” Coombs said. “It’s hurting us, it’s hurting our employees.”


“The causes of gun violence are very complex,” Allison Anderman, with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said. “To say this one study is lacking because it hasn’t solved the problem of gun violence in Seattle is, frankly, laughable.”

These attempts to infringe on our Second Amendment right fail every time and only serve to hurt honest, responsible America gun owners. If the 2nd Amendment is a top priority to you, please share this news so that everyone in America can see how small regulations strangle our rights and our ability to protect ourselves.