Liberal Reporter Says the UNTHINKABLE to Pence on Live TV — IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

The logic and mental processing powers of CNN’s reporters is excruciatingly obtuse and disgustingly revisionist. Anyone interested in seeing how propaganda and disinformation is freely dispensed with no shame as to lying and rank partisanship should watch a few minutes of a CNN story. Only a few minutes is advised, because the level of idiocy will have severe consequences if it lasts longer.


Right Wing News just published a perfect example of this phenomenon. In an interview with Vice President Mike Pence who was visiting troops in South Korea, CNN’s Dana Bash stated the following:

“You know this is real for you,” said Bash referring to the growing tensions with North Korea. “You know that there are estimates that North Korea could have a missile ready that could hit the continental U.S., Seattle, by 2020, which is going to be on your watch.”

What followed could be felt through the TV screen. With ice cold eyes and a dour face, Pence stared down Bash for several awkward moments of silence. Realizing she had overplayed her Leftist cards, Bash tried to reword the question, but her intentions were already out in the open; the press was going to re-write history if things went bad.

Bash’s question is moronic on a lot of levels. It was patronizing, alarmist, and needlessly accusatory.

Most importantly, however, was that it was an attempt at historical revisionism. For eight years Obama had the opportunity to deal with an increasingly belligerent North Korea. FOR EIGHT YEARS! Nothing was done and the Norks were allowed to progress to the point they are at now.

Obama and his useless cabinet are to blame, not Trump who has only been in office for around three months.

After the stare down, Pence delivered a great response to shut Bash up.

“The president has no higher priority than the safety and the security of the American people,” Pence said. “The presence of U.S. forces here in South Korea. Our longstanding commitment to the Asian Pacific and ensuring the security of the continental United States will remain the priority of this administration.”

Well said and truly meant.