Liberal Idiots Shut Down Street in Front of Ivanka’s House

If you’re a prominent conservative — or family member of one, you’re automatically a target for the most vile abuse society can dish out. Such is the case with the Trump family.

Remember when Ivanka and her husband dared to fly coach on a JetBlue flight to Florida for a family vacation — only to suffer a vicious verbal attack in front of their children and the other passengers on the plane?

Well, now it looks like the crazies have followed them home.

From the Daily Mail:

Hundreds of LGBTQ protesters invaded Ivanka Trump’s upmarket neighborhood in Washington D.C., for the ‘Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice’, much to the fury of other residents.

A storm of dancing people marched with signs, speakers and festive clothing while chanting obscenities directed towards the first daughter’s father to protest his administration’s rollback on Obama’s climate change policies, on Saturday night.

The group blared Queen’s We Will Rock You, danced on the hoods of cars, and generally just ticked off everyone around them.

Ironically, Ivanka and her family weren’t even home, but that was likely ok with the group. Like all Liberal groups, they don’t engage in rational conversations, they simply get loud and annoying. They favor mob rule over public discourse, and making life miserable for Ivanka’s neighbors no doubt was a victory in their book.

Sadly for them, they don’t keep score like everyone else, and their actions surely didn’t convert more voters to their cause. In fact, one 82 year old neighbor was so outraged at the group that he threatened to hit one protestor in the face, yelling,”Get out of here! I live here… Do you want to get your f**king face hit?”

Ah, the Liberals… winning friends and influencing people all over this great land of ours, huh?

Please pray for the Trump family. They have to put up with this abuse every day. It can’t be easy.