LEAKED: Maxine Waters’ Financial Ties to Russia

Democrat Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) loves to tweet out ‘Follow the Money’ statements, hashtags and memes regarding the fake scandal of a Trump-Russia connection designed to throw the 2016 election.

As Gotnews reports, however, the monetary trail of Waters leads to a shocking discovery. Los Angeles’ Poverty Pimp has $200,000 of her ill-gotten money invested in a fund with a strong Russian presence.

In her tax filings, it is revealed that Waters was invested in a retirement plan that included Merrill Lynch: Blackrock Balanced (IRA) fund, who have nearly $3 million in obligations to the Russian government.

Blackrock is quoted by Gotnews as stating in a previous press release:

“What gets all of the attention regarding Russia is the geopolitics. But for all the negative opinion you can have out there on Russia, from an economic standpoint it’s been amazing. We are overweight Russian equities.”

Most interestingly, the fund has been credited with having survived $35 oil process, a two year recession, and SANCTIONS!

The same sanctions slapped on Russia by idiots like Waters were so ineffective that they allowed Blackrock to prosper, the wealth trickling down to Waters in capitalist fashion.
Either Waters has no shame in being a useless and ineffective politician or she knew exactly how the sanctions worked and was able to use her insider information to profit while her constituents continued to suffer.

Classic Poverty Pimp Waters.