Kurdish Fighters Shock MSNBC With Their Statement About Trump

Donald Trump is winning fans all over the world. Upon his arrival in Poland this week, people lined the streets just to get a look at his limousine. Crowds interrupted his speech with chants of, “Donald Trump!” and “USA! USA!” In fact, it seems the only people who don’t respect him are the Democrats and media here in the United States.

That’s why they were so perplexed when they heard what the Kurdish fighters had to say about our 45th president…

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius was interviewed on  ‘Morning Joe’ on Monday morning.  He was speaking on his most recent trip to Syria.  He met U.S. backed Kurdish fighters who were attacking ISIS and the fighters find President Trump to be extremely beneficial to the fight against ISIS.

Ignatius said, “Every time the name “President Trump” was mentioned, there were cheers from the audience.” Also saying, “One Syrian Kurdish commander used a vulgar term, in Spanish it would be cojones, to describe what President Trump has got and why they like him.” Cojones!  That’s right, big cojones to pull off the job he is doing.

Ignatius applauded Trump’s way of allowing the field commanders to call the shots.  This is opposite of what Obama did.  Everything had to be discussed prior to any attacks taking place making their job much more difficult to do.

An example he gave was when the field commanders were able to quickly decide that in order to assist the Kurdish fighters they needed to send in a ‘surprise landing by helicopter’, this was previously something that needed to be approved by Obama before it could happen. But with this quick action, they can properly execute their attacks.

“In this case there was not one meeting. They just said, General Townsend, the commander in Baghdad, you decide. And three days later, these Kurds who’d never seen an airplane or helicopter had been helicoptered across a lake for a surprise attack that is probably the most daring and decisive of the war.”

Ignatius ended with, “So, do need to put this in perspective. Yes, there are a lot of people around the world who are appalled, but there are some people who say this image of strength that he’s projecting is something that they like.

“Morning Joe” doesn’t like to hear about Trump’s successes nor support of Trump, especially now.  But President Trump knows just how to do things and how to delegate properly.

Let’s help share this news, because mainstream media will try to sweep this under the rug.Thank you David Ignatius for speaking the truth from first hand experience!