Kim Jung Un Just Got the Worst News of His Life

Chubby, baby-faced North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un has undoubtedly overplayed his hand with President Donald Trump and may now see himself out on his bottom because of it, but maybe not for the reason some may think.

With the U.S. naval battle group Carl Vinson sitting menacingly off the Korean peninsula, China has responded by sending 150,000 troops to its border with the kleptocracy to its south.

President Trump has boldly announced to Kim that he is no Obama, a statement Syrian madman Assad could attest to. Trump will act, there is no doubt about that. What role China plays in this is another question.

Either way, Kim is going to lose power.


WNP Journal wrote on April 11 that the Chinese move is one of cooperation, a new sense of shared purpose freshly formed from Xi Jinping’s meeting with Trump just days ago.

If true, it would be a momentous diplomatic achievement, dwarfing anything Obama could scrape together. Kim, overshadowed by two superpowers would have to surrender.

However, this theory ignores generations of Chinese history and diplomatic relations with North Korea and East Asia.

More likely is the scenario that China has positioned two large army groups along the border as a deterrent to American action. That will not stop Trump or make his grizzled Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, squeamish.

Trump will take action and whether it is this that leads to Kim’s downfall or the Chinese swooping in to ‘restore order’ (and thus annex North Korea), the North Korean despot’s days are numbered.