Kim Jong Un Ups the Ante — This is NOT GOOD!

During the 105th Birthday for former North Korean tyrant Kim-Il Sung, a bizarre military orchestra led celebration took place in which cringe-worthy vocals competed against hilariously pathetic videos of North Korea blowing up the United States.

Besides Hollywood (i.e. the new Red Dawn flick, no other lunatic would even consider hosting such a choreographed piece of propaganda. Well, no one that is, except for Il Sung’s grandson, Kim Jong un.

The Sun reports that the boy named Kim has used the birthday festivities to make a disturbing claim. Warning the United States of a “super-mighty preemptive strike” if it doesn’t back down from threats to once and for all dispose of the dictator, Kim’s words unfortunately cannot be attributed to his compensation for not bringing a gift to the bash.

With scenes of nuclear destruction playing on a large TV screen and rapturous Nork soldiers looking on, Kim has obviously begun to believe his own lies which makes him even more dangerous.

The missile erupts into an explosion during the bizarre clip

The diplomatic fringes around the secluded kleptocracy of North Korea are growing more and more complex and any aggressive move by Kim, even if pathetic, could trigger a wider and more destructive war; Think of Gavrilo Princip shooting Austro-Hungarian Duke Francis Ferdinand over 100 years ago.

All it takes is one shot or bomb from a lunatic to set in motion a sweeping and barbarous slaughter that could kill millions.

President Trump has surrounded himself with a stellar national security team and we can be confident that the end result will make America great again.