Kellyanne Just Obliterated Mika

The media is panicking. They don’t know what to do with a President that they can’t stand, but that the majority of America loves. The really don’t know what to do with one who fights back!

The liberal playbook clearly states that when one is called out for their ignorant comments they are to immediately respond by saying they are being attacked due to a.) racism, b.) sexism, c.) xenophobia, or d.) LGBTQ bias.

Empty-headed blonde Mika Brzezinski opted for (b) after President Trump accurately labeled her dumb as a rock.

That plays well with the isolated islands of liberal elitism, but it quickly drowns in the vast sea of true America and its scuttling certainly is speeded along when it is torpedoed by people like Kellyanne Conway.

Subject:Politics writes that after Mika declared she was the victim of a sexist attack, Conway used an on air interview to lambast the mentally challenged co-host of the mental vacuum known as “Morning Joe” on PMSNBC.

Conway, who has been viciously attacked and not given a chance to defend herself against idiot Brzezinski said, “When Mika said what she has said about me, I have not responded. All those things she’s said about me — ‘politics porn,’ ‘liar,’ ‘nothing honest about Kellyanne Conway’ — I haven’t responded to that, I haven’t shown the texts, I’ve sort of just sucked it up, swallowed it, dealt with the crying kids about it. This whole idea that she’s some victim of sexism is really rich just for any woman who works here.”

Conway went on to say that the mainstream media’s sophomoric obsession with presidential tweets was nothing less than the public display over the bruised egos of a small elitist cliché.

“Let’s be frank here, it’s a one-percenter’s conversation. I’m here for those people who need help, the women have no jobs, no healthcare, struggling with opioid addiction, whose kids have been murdered by illegal aliens who hadn’t been deported, had felony convictions — I’m here for all them, as is the president.”