JUST IN: Trump Deploys POWERFUL Weapon – His Target Is…

Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. have been rising dramatically in recent weeks. Now, President Donald Trump has finally had enough of Kim Jong Un’s nonsense, and he’s making his move.

Trump reportedly just sent a nuclear sniffer around the Korean Peninsula to test and see if North Korea is currently testing nuclear weapons. The sniffer, the WC-135 Constant Phoenix, goes through the atmosphere and gathers samples to detect and inform us if there has been a nuclear explosion in the area.

In addition, this sniffer can identify whether or not there were any changes in the atmosphere from the last time it checked, even if the difference is non-nuclear.

Trump is sending this in on top of the aircraft carrier, submarine fleet, and foot soldiers he has already sent to the area around North Korea.

Given all the threats North Korea has made against us, this sniffer is absolutely crucial to protecting American lives. SHARE this story if you SUPPORT this move!