JUST IN: Something Downright CHILLING Found At US/Mexico Border – This Is Terrifying…

The mainstream media is constantly calling on Donald Trump to open our borders with Mexico. What’s happening right now near the Texas border, however, reminds us why it’s crucial that we keep our borders secure.

Breitbart reported that border officials in Mexico found two bodies buried in shallow graves near the border in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. This in turn set off a forensic investigation to identify two more victims of cartel violence.

Police found the bodies when they responded to a call about human remains near the La Huasteca State Park in the Santa Catarina suburb of this industrial city. When police arrived and located the bodies,  an in-depth search of the area near the Rompepicos Dam found irregularities in the ground, pointing to a grave having been dug.

The graves contained the heavily decomposed remains of a man and a woman. Though police would not say how they died, they confirmed that both had their hands tied in a manner consistent with victims kidnapped by cartel members.

The victims have not been identified yet, but authorities were able to extract DNA samples and are expected to run them with various government databases for missing persons.

This comes as cartels along the U.S./Mexico border have launched a violent gang war that has led to numerous murders. THIS is EXACTLY what Trump is trying to protect us from!