JUST IN: Feds Get PROOF Obama Committed Major Crime – This Could Put Him In PRISON

On Thursday evening, President Donald Trump responded to the chemical terrorist attack that left nearly 100 people dead in Syria by launching an airstrike on a Syrian airbase. Afterwards, it was confirmed that Barack Obama was not who he says he was when it came to our foreign policy in Syria.

Conservative 101 reported that the chemical terrorist attack made it clear that Obama lied both to the U.S. government and the American people about the fact that Russian ally Bashar al-Assad did still have a stockpile of deadly chemical weapons. Three years ago, Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry claimed they had removed “100 percent of the declared chemical weapons out of Syria.”

“If this strike was arranged to avoid hitting sarin storage facilities, the question arises: did the Obama Administration know that such depots still existed after its “historic” deal that supposedly removed all Syria’s chemical weapons? The signs point to yes. In Congressional testimony last February, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper acknowledged ‘gaps and inconsistencies in Syria’s declaration,’ validating reports that Syria was still hiding banned chemicals at undisclosed locations,” the American Interest stated.

“And on its way out the door in January of this year, the Obama Treasury quietly introduced new sanctions against Syrian officials involved in chemical warfare,” it added. “Buried in the language sanctioning a particular official was a telling admission: ‘As of 2016, Abbas has continued operating at locations in Syria associated with chemical warfare-related missions.’ Whether or not the Obama Administration knew of this particular sarin facility, then, they clearly knew that Syrians were still clinging to their stockpiles at several locations.”

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