JUST IN: Cops Give Freddy Gray State’s Attorney BAD NEWS!

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore State’s Attorney, is known for putting six police officers on trial in an attempt to railroad them over the Freddy Gray incident. This backfired when they all got off as it became clear that this was a rush to prosecution that was not based on facts.

Afterwards, Mosby was hit with a civil lawsuit from the officers, and she just got some very bad news from a judge.

Allen West Republic reported that Judge Marvin Garbis is allowing the “malicious prosecution” case against Mosby to go forward because she acted as an independent prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case. The officers are suing for malicious prosecution, invasion of privacy, false arrest, defamation, and civil rights violations, and the judge ruled they can move forward with each of these charges.

Garbis also denied Mosby’s motion for a stay of all discovery in the case, which means she will have to turn over evidence that includes her internal emails to the plaintiffs.

The judge based much of his ruling on the fact that the officers sued Major Samuel Cogen of the Sheriff’s Department, who signed off on the charges Mosby’s office prepared.

“The discovery contemplated in the instant case is not ‘unnecessary,’ nor would it cause irreparable injury, because almost all of the same claims have been asserted against Cogen, who has not appealed,” Garbis said.

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