Judge Napolitano Drops Major Truth Bomb on Nunes Resignation — This is NOT GOOD!

Our democratic republic’s government was designed to proceed slowly and thoughtfully when deliberating bills, discussing treaties, evaluating laws and conducting investigations. Since the Progressive Era (the 1920s), the Left has done everything it can to short circuit that system in their pursuit of political points.

On April 6, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca) became the latest victim of the Left’s subterfuge.

Fox News Insider says that in the morning on that day, Nunes announced that he was stepping down as chairman because “several left-wing activist groups” had filed charges against him with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Here is the kicker. Anyone and their mother can file an ethics charge and at any time. There is no vetting of the claim’s validity, not even a simple fact check.

Fox’s Judge Napolitano rightfully observed, “If an outside advocacy group on either side of the aisle … could file a complaint against any member of Congress it wants and disable that member from doing his or her job, that’s not really a healthy way for the government to operate,” said Napolitano.

Judge Napolitano is absolutely right. How is it that any claim, even one having as much respect for the truth as a Facebook post, can be permitted to unseat a lead investigator handling the biggest story since Watergate?

Rep. Devin Nunes deserves an apology from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi!

This is casual political assassination writ large. The American people are being denied the truth because an embittered Leftist can simply pen any charge they want and drop it in the Inbox of the Ethics Office, bringing the proper workings of democracy to a screeching halt.

Do you agree with Napolitano that this kind of thing is a danger to governance?