Judge Jeanine Makes Startling Prediction — Liberals are FURIOUS!

In case you missed Judge Jeanine’s Opening Statement on her show over the weekend, it was another instant classic! She started by showing a speech made by a completely unhinged Tom Perez, the new Chairman of the DNC in which he said that Trump doesn’t represent “our values” and was not elected fairly. Then, she cut loose!

Judge Jeanine:

“While the left acts like children who just can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost the election and simply won’t stop their abusive invectives against the man who was constitutionally elected, calling him ‘not legitimate,’ and his cabinet ‘scum bags,’ that man is doing the job we hired him to do.”

She continued:

“Imagine, a president who not only does what he says, but can actually figure out what the end goal is, as opposed to President Obama, whose feckless foreign policy was to have no strategy who graduated to contain ISIS and then decides to degrade and destroy them… all of which, of course, never happened!

And all the while these namby-pamby wusses obsessing that Russia interfered with our election and our democracy, but these Bozos still haven’t figured out what exactly Russia did! But they must have done something because Queen Hillary should have been coronated!”


Her prediction? It comes during the last 45 seconds of the video when she predicts that when things get real with the psycopath in charge of North Korea, the liberal cry babies will thank God that Trump is in the White House!

Of course, she says it in a way that only she can. Click on the video below. Her whole opening statement lasts about 5 and a half minutes and it’s well worth the listen!


With all the idiots getting air time in the media who do nothing but spout off unfounded, idiotic statements, it’s good to see someone like Judge Jeanine who can speak the truth and with reason and logic, put the Liberals in their place!