Judge Hands Woman’s March Organizer WORST NEWS OF HER LIFE — LIBERALS IN SHOCK!

It’s amazing how liberals think that they’re above the law. I guess the Clintons and Obamas have made it look so easy that everyone thought they could get away with it, but apparently that’s not the case — at least with Trump in the White House!

You see, the Women’s March on Washington and Day Without Women organizer Rasmea yousef Odeh has been forced to leave the country after she lied 20 years ago on her US visa and failed to reveal that she had been convicted of murdering two Israeli students in 1969. They were killed when she helped bomb a supermarket.

From the Daily Mail:

One of the bombs detonated in the busy SuperSol supermarket on February 21, killing two young men – Leon Kanner, 21, and Eddie Joffe, 22 – who had stopped in to pick up groceries for a trip.

Nine others were injured in the explosion. The second supermarket bomb was found and defused by police. At the same time a bomb planted at the British Consulate failed to go off.

That’s right… she’s a terrorist! Maybe we should add a check box for that on the visa forms to weed out some of these people earlier.

She actually did time for her crime, but was freed in some sort of prisoner swap. She’s agreed to leave the country to avoid doing time in jail.

Good riddance!