Joy Behar SLAMS Trump For Syria Missile Strike – Immediately Gets Shut Down

On Thursday night, President Donald Trump launched an airstrike on Syria in response to the deadly chemical terror attack launched by the Assad regime there this week that left over 100 dead.

On Friday’s episode of The View, host Joy Behar showed how ignorant she is by slamming Trump for this move. Her cohost Jedediah Bila, however, wasn’t about to let her get away with it.

“I barely slept. It’s very upsetting,” Behar said of the missile strike, according to Gossip Cop. She went on to bring up Trump’s years-old tweets telling then-president Barack Obama NOT to strike Syria, and to claim that these same people he’s now concerned about, he would not allow into the country under his refugee policy.

Bila, however, wasn’t having any of it.

“I love what he did,” Bila said. “I’m very proud of President Trump.”

Later on, Bila pointed out that Behar’s beloved Clinton had called for airstrikes on Syria hours before Trump made the move himself.

“There’s a reason that around the [world], you have people that represent our allies saying, ‘Thank you,’ because America is a leader in this free world,” she explained.


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