Joy Behar MOCKS Donald Trump On ‘The View’ – INSTANTLY Wishes She Hadn’t

There’s nothing that Joy Behar loves more than attacking Donald Trump on her liberal talk show The View. On Friday, however, she learned the hard way that viewers are sick of her vile anti-Trump rants.

Gossip Cop reported that Behar mocked Trump today for forgoing the presidential tradition of kicking off the MLB season by throwing the first pitch. The White House said this was due to a scheduling conflict, since Trump has more important things to do than play baseball, but Behar had a different theory as to why he won’t be going.

“Is he afraid of making a fool of himself?” she asked. “Since when is that a problem for him?”

When the women said Trump might be “afraid of being booed,” guest-host and baseball star Alex Rodriguez said, “I’ve personally been booed in every city in every stadium…. I have a Ph.D in getting booed. You just get used to it after a while.”

“I did want to see from a scouting report, who had a better throwing arm: Trump or Obama? We’re not gonna get to see that,” he added.

“Trump also will not go to the Correspondents’ Dinner this year, where they make fun of him,” Behar ridiculed. “He’s so thin-skinned, it’s almost as thin as his hair at this point. I mean, he’s afraid to throw the pitch, he’s afraid to get booed, he has to be adored, he has to be loved, he has to be admired. It’s exhausting just being around this guy!”

“It’s not about the ball. It’s about people in the bleachers who hate him and are gonna scream and boo him,” Behar insisted, going on to say, “He doesn’t want any of it. Just adore him. That’s all he wants.”


Twitter users immediately let Behar know they are sick of her attacks on Trump.

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