It’s the End of the World…Again

For those keeping count, you can add one more name to the list of people foretelling the end of humanity. And, like all the other times, it doesn’t take someone with a PhD to debunk the claim of a reputed ‘scientist’.

Just prior to his death in 2010, Professor Frank Fenner left what is being described as a warning for mankind; change or die…in one hundred years.

Express reports that Fenner has based his theory on what happened to a “small group of inhabitants of Easter Island, who over-farmed on the tiny pacific island until they ran out of trees.”

There are a few things immediately apparent about this ominous prediction.


The first is that the ancient Easter Island natives had nowhere near the technological prowess of a world blessed by Western ingenuity.  Farmland across America, Canada and Europe gets more per acre out of its land than any other society or at any other time.

Second, the Easter Islanders were unable to expand their holdings due to a rigid geographical boundary they were unable to breach. Humanity, while growing, continues to explore untapped resources and is on the road to successfully growing food in space.

These are just a few inconvenient truths that should be pointed out to doomsayers.