Illegal Alien PULLS GUN On US Cop – Watch What Happens Next…

The mainstream media is always trying to make it look like illegal aliens are peaceful people who mean no harm to Americans. That’s why CNN won’t be reporting on this story…

The video below shows an illegal alien pull a gun on an American police officer, then pay the ultimate price for it.

It all started when illegal immigrant Nicolas Sanchez, 39, robbed a convenience store at gunpoint. When confronted by police outside the store, Sanchez said he didn’t “have nothing.” He then began fighting with the cops, and though an officer told him not to reach for his gun, the illegal alien did just that.

It was then that the officer had no choice but to shoot Sanchez, killing him instantly.


Liberals are of course furious about this, but it’s clear that these American officers did what they had to do! SHARE this story if you agree!