Hillary Just Received Worst News EVER – Recount Went From Insane to Downright EMBARASSING!

Hillary’s Wisconsin recount just went from absurd to embarrassing. Hillary, I mean Jill Stein, paid 4 million dollars for 1 new vote.

Yep. You read that right. Hillary’s Wisconsin recount began Thursday and according to rightwingnews,

“Only one county showed a discrepancy, and that was 17 extra votes for Stein, and 12 extra votes for Gary Johnson. Two votes were removed from Trump’s total, and one from Clinton’s… Hillary netted herself one measly vote.”

Here’s the thing with the Clinton’s, they don’t care about wasting other people’s money. Like typical corrupt liberals they think YOUR money is THEIR money.

That’s why they always raise taxes to pay off their corrupt cronies, or just waste it on useless projects like this recount.

Hillary is down 22,000 votes. The last statewide recount in Wisconsin changed only 300 votes. So reversing 20,000 is just not possible.

Or look at Florida in 2000. Bush’s lead was less than 1,000 votes and the recount did not change that election.

Absurd. Foolish. Typical Clinton.

According to Reid Magney, spokesman for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the recount appeared to be proceeding with few glitches. He said,

“So far, things are going smoothly.”

Well not entirely. Apparently Jill Stein shorted Wisconsin 400k. Stein paid $3,499,689 but owed $3,898340

I am sure Jill and Hillary will use this an another excuse to fleece gullible supporters who think Hillary has a chance.

Representatives for the Stein, Trump and Clinton campaigns, are all observing the recount.

The only real question left to answer is how much money Hillary will waste on this foolish recount. What’s your guess?