HE SIGNED IT – Trump Signs INFURIATES Liberals With GAME CHANGING Executive Order

Before he was elected, Donald Trump promised that he would make moves to take care of military veterans after they suffered for so long at the hands of the broken Department of Veterans Affairs. On Wednesday, Trump showed that he was serious about this by signing the extension to the Veterans Choice Program.

Conservative Tribune reported that this program who live 40 miles from a VA facility, or who are told they will have to wait 30 days for an appointment, to get treatment at a private facility.

“By eliminating the sunset date of the Choice Act, Congress is ensuring veterans have certainty and continuity of care while we work with the Trump administration to develop a strategic plan that addresses the need for a veteran-centric, coordinated network of care that utilizes the strengths of both VA and community health providers,” Tennessee Rep. Phil Roe stated

The bill was originally set to expire in August, but this extension guarantees it will run until it runs out of funds, which will likely happen in 2018. Though the program has it’s problems, most people agree that it’s better than letting veterans die because they can’t get timely care.

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