Greta Breaks Silence, Reveals Truth About Lying MSNBC

It took only six months for long-time legal correspondent Greta Van Susteren to be kicked off of the ultra-liberal MSNBC.

Conservative Fighters notes that Van Susteren was hired to be the “controlled opposition” to its plethora of liberal news-fakers and it was a bad decision for a network that is not watched by the targeted demographic.

As The Hill reports “Van Susteren’s show struggled to gain traction in ratings, Vanity Fair reported. Despite the recent success of other MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell, Van Susteren’s show fell behind concurrent shows on Fox News and CNN during its time slot.”

After being let go, the network said that the reason for her leaving was due to a contract dispute, but on June 29 Van Susteren put that excuse to bed.

“It’s not ‘contract conflicts’. That’s a fact. :)” Greta tweeted.

Facts are something the leftist media does not like.