Glenn Beck Exposes JAW DROPPING TRUTH About O’Reilly Firing

It’s no secret that Bill O’Reilly has had a target on his head at Fox News for years! That’s what happens when you have the number 1 program across all of cable news year after year after year. Well, if Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are to be believed. It looks like this was an organized take down of O’Reilly.


Yesterday, Beck posted a video to his Facebook page to shine some light on the O’Reilly situation. It is quite telling and presents some scenarios which may be closer to the actual truth than what we’ve been seeing in the media.

For his part, Beck says that in all the years that he and O’Reilly worked together and took their show on the road, that Bill was around countless beautiful women and never acted anywhere remotely like he’s been accused of acting by this recent parade of accusers.

It’s well worth the watch. Combine this with the statement that O’Reilly’s lawyer put out yesterday saying that his client is the victim of a far-left smear campaign, and this starts to smell VERY fishy indeed.

Here’s the video so you can judge for yourself: