Former Obama Official Just Slipped Up Big Time—Vindicates Trump Claim

Former Pentagon official under Obama, Evelyn Farkas, just let the cat out of the bag concerning the intelligence community’s illicit surveillance of Americans, in particular then-candidate Donald Trump.

Those are the yes of total surveillance

Those are the eyes of total surveillance

On the Mark Levin Show aired March 29, Levin reconstructs a series of events that the mainstream media has not yet begun to address or will ever bring up.

In September of 2015 Farkas resigned from the Pentagon, just 3 months after Trump announced his bid for the presidency. By 2016 Farkas was serving as foreign affairs advisor to Hillary Clinton.

It was during this time that rumors of a Trump-Russia connection began to bubble to the surface.

Fast forward to March 2017 and Farkas, speaking to Mika Brezinski, claims that she told Obama officials, after leaving the Pentagon, to “get enough information as you can” on the link between Trump staffers and Russian officials. This should make blood shoot from any American’s eyes!

Did this request come before or after she joined the Hillary campaign? Americans have a right to know!

Mark Levin asks if Farkas had access to intelligence after she left government service and what her sources and methods were she talked of. Very good question.