Former Obama Advisor Destroys His Former Boss with Massive Truth Bomb

Decisive action will always garner respect, even from adversaries who are truthful not only with themselves but with the public.

On April 6, President Trump bombarded a joint Syrian/Russian base with scores of missiles after the tyrant Bashar al Assad used sarin gas on his own people.

Four years earlier a similar incident, but on a much more horrific scale, occurred under Obama’s watch and the Great American Apologist did nothing despite declaring a ‘red line’ not to be crossed by Assad.

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This dichotomy in leadership has earned Trump the praises of former Obama officials.

Sean Hannity has posted an article and quotes Barry Pavel, senior director for defense policy on Obama’s National Security Council from 2008 to 2010 and Gary Samore, “another top official who served four years as Obama’s White House coordinator for the Iranian nuclear deal.” Both men agree that Obama has left the world a much more dangerous place.

Pavel says, “In Syria, a major mistake was treating it like a humanitarian crisis, when it was a major national security crisis that has caused destabilization on our closest allies in Europe. Syria has been a source of terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States, and future attacks. I worry about that very much.”

Samore added, “I applaud Trump. It was the kind of strike that Obama was planning – a limited military attack against the airfields in order to deter Assad from carrying out additional chemical weapons attacks, but he decided not to use it.”

Go figure, Obama is all bark and no bite. Color me dumbfounded.