Former Bush Cabinet Secretary to Meet Trump—Who it is Might Surprise You

The Washington Examiner has said that former Secretary of State under George Bush, Condolezza Rice is scheduled to meet with President Trump on March 31 following a meet and greet with Vice President Pence.

The announcement comes two weeks after Rice abandoned her refusal to comment on the presidency of Donald Trump.

On March 17, the former Secretary of State was quoted by World News Politics as saying that Trump had made excellent cabinet picks and that he would bring tremendous change to the ambiance of Washington.

Who me?

Who me?

“The United States is in uncharted territory with President Trump, a man with no experience in public service who has ‘never even sniffed government’ said Rice, “Government under the Trump administration will look and feel different.”

It is not clear why Rice was summoned to the White House and it is left to see how conservatives and the anti-Establishment supporters of the President will respond if the Bush appointee is brought into the administration.

If she is brought on board, she just might be assigned to one area of the administration she said was in need of finesse and that was diplomacy.

Let’s just hope that if appointed to such a role, Rice’s diplomacy style will not rely on flawed claims, like that of chemical weapons in Iraq.