Former Attorney General Reveals JAW DROPPING TRUTH About Comey — This is SABOTAGE!

James Comey made a career of playing both sides against the middle until Trump fired him. As FBI Director, he lost the respect of everyone in Washington. He also proved himself to be a political pawn that Obama and Clinton could manipulate to keep them out of trouble.

Those alone are bad, but it turns out Comey might have had an agenda of his own all along.

According to a story posted by The Federalist, former FBI Director and Deputy Attorney General James Comey has made it a habit of trying to take down Republicans while portraying himself as the savior of law and order.

Too bad he is only an egoistic useful idiot for the Deep State.

Former FBI Idiot In Charge

In the shocking expose, it is claimed that in the early period of 2004, President Bush’s Attorney General John Ashcroft was laid up in a Washington D.C. hospital with a severe illness.

The timing of Ashcroft’s sickness could not be worse, since the Bush administration needed his input and consent to launch a massive intelligence gathering operation designed to root out jihadists.

Comey was Deputy Attorney General at the time and upon learning that White House Legal Counsel Alberto Gonzales might visit Ashcroft to get his assent, he purportedly sped off to the hospital, ran up a flight of stairs and entered Ashcroft’s room to tell him that he was temporarily relieved of his powers and that Comey had assumed them.

When Gonzales did arrive a bit later, he learned through Ashcroft that his opinions on the NSA program did not matter because “I’m not the attorney general.”

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft

In a later Congressional investigation, Comey would testify that the Bush team was trying to push through a massively unconstitutional surveillance program past a sick and “unfit” Attorney General, and it was only his actions that averted a trashing of liberty.

In fact, Comey’s testimony was a complete surprise, one carefully choreographed with the help of fellow assassin of Republicans, Chuck Schumer.

Gonzales has said that Comey is a tool of Schumer’s and seems to have to problem with being used to undermine legal procedures or the will of the People.