First Lady’s Plans Put Greedy Barack and Michelle Obama to Shame

What does at least tens of millions of dollars get for taxpayers? Why the warming sense of satisfaction that this money was used to pay for luxurious vacations for Obama and his brood.

Now, contrast that with the announcement by the Trump family that their vacations will cost, on average, zero, nada, zilch, a big donut.

The Conservative Post is reporting that Donald, Melania and their family will vacation on their own dime. This comes after the President has said he will donate his salary (which he has so far abided by) and the First Lady has proven equally money-conscious by only retaining a skeletal staff for herself.


The Blaze reported in 2016 that the Obama’s had soaked taxpayers, up to that point, for an astounding $85 million dollars! The President who lambasted banker executives for outrageous displays of wealth and compensation is the same one who averaged $10 million a year in pleasure and leisure time. There’s a word for that: hypocrite.

Back in 2009, Obama was the darling of the media because he announced he was going to publically ‘shame’ corporate CEOs over their bonuses at a time when taxpayers were bailing them out.

The Leftist rag, New York Daily News, depicted Obama as the righteous warrior battling greed…what blatant lies.

It turns out Obama is just as greedy and has just as little shame as he accused CEOs of having.