First Lady and Son Targeted by 200,000 Angry Leftists

There is no denying that President Trump is the anti-Establishment President. In less than 100 days in office he has turned Washington D.C. on its head regarding the relations between the legislative and executive branches while redefining what it means to be a true leader.

This has left Democrats frustrated and in fits of rage. Every aspect of President Trump’s life has come under assault. His business acumen, his intelligence, his children and now, or should I say ‘again’, his wife is once more being targeted.

The latest tirade has revealed that the Establishment has no real concern for fixing what is wrong in America, but is more obsessed with the regal appearance of the trappings of power.

Western Journalism reports that some 200,000 petitioners have put together a demand that the First Lady either immediately moves to Washington D.C. or pay for the security detail that costs $127,000-$146,000 per day.

Even though Melania Trump has said she will be moving to the White House after her son, Barron, finishes the current school year that has not satisfied Leftists who think they know what is better for Barron.

The First Lady and son Barron Trump

The First Lady and son Barron Trump

And then there is this, “This is an important tradition and part of the pomp and parade that is this country. This is bigger than Melania and Barron and bigger than ‘The Donald.’”

Those are the words of Robert Watson, a Lynn University professor, as to the damage wrought by Melania’s decision.

It’s all about pomp.