EU President Threatens to Break Apart U.S

The President of the European Commission, the transnational governing body of the European Union (EU), Jean-Claude Juncker had a candid moment of elitist rage on March 30 that is sure to embolden the supporters of liberty and sovereignty.

Appearing before the center-right European People Party’s (EPP) annual conference in Malta, Junker mused with no hint of jest, “Brexit isn’t the end. A lot of people would like it that way, even people on another continent where the newly elected US President was happy that the Brexit was taking place and has asked other countries to do the same. If he goes on like that I am going to promote the independence of Ohio and Austin, Texas in the US.”

Eu Potentate Jean Claude Junker

Eu Potentate Jean Claude Junker

Someone is a bit sour over the will of the people.

In referring to French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and Dutch politician Geert Wilders, Junker seemed to intimate that Trump was another in a long line of populists hiding an agenda of “organized hatred”.

See how that works? A citizen’s desire to remain safe within their own borders while eschewing the self-destructive dogma of multiculturalism is someone imbued with hatred. It is a typical Elitist view of the majority of humanity.

Junker’s words have unveiled the true face of globalist leaders and it is everything contrary to what America stands for.