Elizabeth Warren Threatens Trump — Immediately Regrets It

Dumbocrat Senator Elizabeth Warren of the WannaBeNasty Tribe went off the reservation this weekend in a display of acidic #Resist rantings that will earn her a Central Park play next season.

Proving that Congressional dentists have never seen Warren, the looney Senator let every vile invective she knew escape her crooked teeth during a townhall event in New York on June 16, relates the Young Conservatives.

Warren treated her audience like the ‘adults’ in arrested mental development they are by reading from her book and got to a passage of sublime flowing oratory that said, “Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet.”

The Twitterverse immediately had some fun with Warren’s juvenile jottings.

A handle named alpowrga38 asked, “oh, mercy…she’s not gonna moon us is she???” *shudder*

Another person on Twitter, gnorwreven , opined, “Yeah yeah. So Princes Slinging Bull says she’s nasty and capable of more nastiness. Shocking.”

Liberals🔜Prison2.0 tweeted, “Is she gonna send him her nudes?”

(I think I just threw up in my throat.)

And Zubb posted, “Can someone please tell her to go away !!! And I’m a dem.”

Bad news Zubb, Warren has gone through her Casino ownership royalties to bribe a publisher to put out her moronic book and is looking to hit the 2020 campaign trail.

For her sake, I hope it turns into a Trail of Tears.