Elizabeth Warren Has Shocking Connection to Soros Anti-Democracy Campaign

In the wake of President Trump’s stunning victory over Democrat and unisex pant suit filler Hillary Clinton, the Left has waived aside any effort at true introspection and instead has compiled a list of external factors that need to be controlled before the next election.

One of these factors, the Washington Free Beacon writes, is the belief among liberals that any legal challenge to serious questions of voting impropriety needs to be shut down now and in the future.

Enter Progressive messiah George Soros and his bank roll of corrupting billions.


Soros has joined forces with Amelia Tyagi, the most likely flawed offspring of wingnut Senator Elizabeth Warren to form Demos, a New York based progressive policy group funded by “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in Soros bribe money.

The Free Beacon says that Demos has as one of its goals the desire to “reduce the role of money in politics and to guarantee ‘the freedom to vote’.”

That’s rather funny. Demos wants to combat the dangerous role of money in politics by…dumping more money into the political arena, albeit through the charade of legal activism.

As an example of what Demos is doing, the Free Beacon writes that a North Carolina voter integrity group has gone after a county board of elections for failing to maintain proper records of voters.

“According to publicly-available data, Wake County has more registered voters on the rolls eligible to cast a ballot than it has citizens who are alive,”  the Free Beacon quotes a source as saying.

Democrats padding their voter rolls?! Who would have thunk it?