Documentary Unveils Shocking Truth of Muslim ‘Refugee’ Problem

Producer and director Paul Nehlen may just want to consider going into hiding or at least hiring a body guard. The last documentary/filmmaker to produce a damning video on Islam was shot and stabbed to death on the streets of Amsterdam by a Muslim.

Nehlen, a Republican who challenged Paul Ryan for his seat last year, has created a documentary film called “Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion.”

World Net Daily (WND) reports that Nehlen has braved wading into the frightfully turbulent waters of political correctness and Muslim threats to address the hidden agenda behind the massive influx of Muslim refugees throughout the world. What he writes is horrifying and enraging.

In regards to the emigration of Muslims, WND summarizes Nehlen’s thesis by writing, “Some call it refugee resettlement. Others simply believe it is just immigration. Few are willing to call it what it is – an ‘act of conquest,’ according to traditional Islam.”

Nehlen points out that the word hijrah, portrayed by the media as an act of pilgrimage or a flight from sin, also means the act of conquest through migration.

“Learning the dual meanings of the word ‘hijrah’ is critical to your understanding of the manufactured refugee crisis and the migration in the name of Allah,” states Nehlen in the film.

According to the director, hijrah and its more infamous twin, jihad, are two sides of the same coin of conquest.

There is a more disturbing aspect to this as well: the complicity of Western institutions.


WND reports that the film “shows how refugee resettlement, far from being a charity, is a lucrative business, with federal contractors receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from Western governments”. Even charitable Christian and Jewish religious organizations are involved, “the very same organizations the establishment media loves to quote to claim refugee resettlement is a moral necessity,” writes WND.

Once understood, this film explains the wave of crime and violence that has accompanied Muslim refugees and why there is a media blackout on these atrocities.