Democrat States Obstructing Voter Fraud Investigation

For years the Democrats have insisted that there’s no such thing as voter fraud. They even act shocked and outraged when anyone dares to bring the topic up. So why won’t they cooperate with a federal commission that can prove their claim?

One guess: Because they don’t want the truth to come out!

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), the vice chairman of a vote integrity commission set up by the White House lambasted several states that refused to hand over voter registration information. A majority of states refused requests from the commission to submit voter rolls so they can be checked against federal databases.

Kobach told the Washington Times that he was especially perplexed at McAuliffe’s refusal to comply.

“I have no intention of honoring this request. Virginia conducts fair, honest and democratic elections and there is no evidence of significant voter fraud in Virginia,” McAuliffe said.

But, Kobach pointed to the case of Andrew Spieles, a student at James Madison University, who was sentenced to 100 to 120 days in jail for filing several fraudulent voter registration applications. Spieles filed 18 suspicious forms with some using the names of deceased people.

Kobach said McAuliffe’s refusal was questionable because Spieles’ case was decided within the past month.

“It’s idiotic. These states make the information available to the public, but they don’t want a presidential commission to take a serious look at it?” Kobach said of McAuliffe and the other governors who have refused.

Do you want to see all 50 states prove that they did not participate in voter fraud during the 2016 election? Comment below and let us know why you believe these states are refusing to give information over to the investigation.