Deep State Moles in White House Trying to Bring Trump Down!

Leave it to the unscrupulous New York Slimes, er, Times to ignore the sanctity of law and wave off the duties of honest journalism.

On March 30, the newspaper that serves well as lining on the bottom of bird cages, rushed to expose the names of two White House staffers ordered to cooperate with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca) in the investigation into the as yet evidence-less Trump-Russia colluding claim.

Nunes has said that he was contacted on March 21 by a source and that he needed to go to the White House to confer with staffers who had access to the evidence he was given. Nunes also said he had uncovered the names of Trump staffers who were caught up in the Deep State’s surveillance and wished to impart that information to the President.

Has it escaped the entire mainstream media’s notice that there is such a pervasive and all-encompassing surveillance of everyone to the level that Nunes avoided using the phone and went directly to the White House in the dead of night?

The fact that the names of the two people who helped Nunes confirm his information was leaked to the press clearly suggests that the Establishment has moles in the White House looking to undo a presidency with “trumped up” charges.

President Trump has repeatedly and rightfully called such actions a crime, but the leaks continue unabated.Deep-state